About Me And My Favorite Philly Things
Hello! Welcome to my World on the Web.

Here at my home in cyberspace I hope to entertain and inform you by telling you a little about myself (LOL-after all a lady never reveals everything), and providing you with pages (and pages) of "goodies" to hopefully brighten your day!

So,please sit back and enjoy your visit!

My name is Justina. I hail from Philadelphia,PA, where I live with my hubby and our "kids"- Ferdinand, Squeaky, Freda, Hoki, Furball and Miss Cali.

Our Dear Hasso Bear passed away and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 3/8/10 and we miss him so very very much.

Speaking of animals, one of my favorite places to visit and spend a relaxing day is America's first Zoo,the Philadelphia Zoo. If you go,consider taking a ride on the new Channel 6 Zoo Balloon to check out the spectacular views from 400 feet up,of the Zoo,Fairmount Park and the Philadelphia skyline!

I am proud to call Historic Philadelphia,the Birthplace of the U.S.Constitution and the signing of the Declaration of Independence (other Philly Firsts) home. If you have the opportunity,come visit our fair city and travel back in time to stroll the streets of America's Most Historic Mile,maybe meet Ben Franklin along the way,visit the National Constitution Center which opened on July 4,2003 and check out many of the other historic and interesting areas and sights that surround the City center and beyond.

If you have a few minutes,check out my Historic Philadelphia Sights page.

One such historic area that should not be missed is Historic Germantown. While in Germantown, stop by the Germantown Historical Society or visit their website to learn more about the area. If you are visiting in October, you might be lucky enough to catch a reenactment of the Battle Of Germantown. An important battle during the Revolutionary War (click on my Battle page to see pics and learn more).

Spending a day (or two) visiting one (or more) of our Museums along the beautiful Benjamin Franklin Parkway is always a wonderful thing. The Philadelphia Art Museum,The Franklin Institute,The Museum Of Natural History and The Rodin Museum

OK! Enough of history for now,Philadelphia has so much to see and do,you will just have to come and see and do it for yourself!

On to Sports!
I enjoy sports,and Philly is a sports town! We love our teams in good times and in bad. If you get the chance, try and catch a game or two. Whether it is the:
MLB The 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies
NFL The Philadelphia Eagles
NBA The Philadelphia 76ers
NHL The Philadelphia Flyers
MLS The Philadelphia Union
Trust me, we have the team for you.

YO! As long as I'm on the subject of The City of Brotherly Love...You HAVE to come at least once in your life to see the annual New Years Day Philadelphia Mummers Parade. It's a Philly original. Kind of like--------- Cheese Steaks,Soft Pretzels,Philadelphia Cream Cheese,Scrapple,Hoagies and Tastykakes!

I know what you're thinking...NO,I did not get paid by the Philly Tourism Bureau for this promo LOL! It's all been free for YOU,from a born and raised Philly Girl...ME! :)

There's More And My Theory On Shopping
As for hobbies, at the moment one of them is obviously "the Net" (along with poetry,photography and a few other things) and designing,creating and sharing my creative talents (whatever they may be), with you (my fellow cyberspace travelers), here at Justinalee.Comô-my home away from home and corner of the WWW!

I do have other interests. A big one would be shopping! Would someone PLEASE tell my husband that It's a necessity in life for a woman to shop and find a bargain wherever and whenever we can whether we need the item(s) or not! If It's a bargain we have to buy it, we have no choice in the matter! It's genetic, God made us this way! Just the way that men leave one strip of toilet paper on the roll and leave the seat up....We women HAVE to shop! LOL! :)

Music To Soothe The Soul
Music has been and continues to be a constant in my life. There is always music playing in our home.

I enjoy a variety of musical styles..Country (My admitted favorite and traditional if you please...Country Radio Programmers listen up,could we hear some GOOD COUNTRY music PLEASE! OK, off my soapbox now LOL!),Bluegrass,some Pop,Rock (The Stones-now that's Rock and Roll),Classical (Example-doesn't get much better than Bolero),Celtic,Folk,Gospel,Marching Music (Nobody does it better than the British-bring on the Black Watch and The Prince Of Wales Division),Bagpipes (There is nothing like the beautiful and (sometimes) lonesome sound of a bagpipe),and the list goes on!

Sirius XM Satellite Radio rocks! OK, PSA over and back to the music I love!

I am fan of many different artists, and in the future may make a page dedicated to music. For now however, I will just mention my Top 5:

Kris Kristofferson
Willie Nelson

The Man In Black
Johnny Cash

Country Music's Renaissance Man
Marty Stuart

The Voice
Tom Jones

Time To Continue Your Journey!
Well folks, that's about it for about me.

Time to continue your journey through Justinalee.Comô.

I do hope you enjoy what you see as you travel the Sites of my World on the Web.

Remember to laugh and learn as you travel the highways and byways of the WWW. And,most of all...HAVE FUN! : )

I leave you now with the closing lines from one of my poems, Daydreams out of my Poetry Journal.

"When life gets you stressed, take a break in your day.
Close your eyes, daydream, and let it take you away."
© Justinalee

God Bless,Take Care and Thank You for stopping by.




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