Daydreams to me, are the fantasy of the day.
Expressed by each, in their own unique way.

For some they may be, a pause in midmorn.
To contemplate quietly, so not to be forlorn.

A purpose they have, of that I am sure.
Each brings a break to a day, filled with not less but more.

Your dreams are your own, it's your life they must fit.
But here are a few, from my own mind and wit.

An escape to the tropics, may be the key.
Where you languish in peace, by the deep blue sea.

A pause in the street, to stare up at the sky.
And watch the clouds take shape, as they slowly roll by.

A stop in the park, to sit for a spell.
To watch and listen, to the creatures that there dwell.

Daydreams of mine, are always in the making.
But, the dreams and this advice, are free for the taking.

When life gets you stressed, take a break in your day.
Close your eyes, daydream, and let it take you away.

© Justinalee

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