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You Asked For It..More Card Sites..You Got It

Hi Everyone! It sure is good to see you again. My goodness, you have been a busy bunch! I understand from your mail that you've gone through ALL those E-Greetings sites and want some more!

Well, you asked so I'll deliver! Go get yourself a snack and a great big glass of Iced Tea and come on back and hangout with me for awhile.

More Electronic Greetings

OK...Let's get started.

1001 Postcards Free virtual postcards for just about every conceiveable occasion.

"Elegant Greetings" Step back in time. Cards with a Victorian flare.

Warner Bros. WeB Cards With an address in AcmeCity, how could I forget this one! Send Taz to the little "devil" in your life.

Toonogram Cartoon Postcards and a whole lot more! Lots of goodies to browse through.

WaterWay Get-A-Way's Postcard Center Whew, that's a mouthful! But, they do have some cute astrological postcards.

Electronic Postcards.com Have a friend on a diet? Give them a hot fudge sundae without the calories! Yummy FOOD postcards found here.

TCBY Greeting Cards OK, so if even the thought of ice cream puts 10lbs. on those hips..Go here and send a Yog-A-Card!

Armour Fresh Pork Speaking of food (I kid you not) Send Taste E. Chop to the one you love..LOL!

KFC GreetingsMmmmm..Can't you smell that original recipe!

Mail A Meal-Gourmet Postcards How about a virtual romantic dinner for two for you and your virtual date...LOL!

Photoville Vintage Postcards.


They Just Won't Stop

I'm back! Glad to see you're all still here. Ready for a few more? OK...Here we go.

Attitudes Postcards Kewl..Brought to you by badgirls.org..You go girls!

The Balloon Boutique Send that birthday girl or guy something different this year. Get your virtual balloon arrangement here.

Free Virtual Pet Greeting Cards If you've seen my homepage then you'd know who the "kids" are (hint-Meow & Woof)! Anyway, this spot's a favorite of theirs.

Greeting Cards by 123Greetings All occasions AND it's as easy as...well 1.2.3

Rafi's Tree Lot Visit Rafi's electronic Christmas tree lot in November and pick up a tree for your homepage. When it's done growing, go back to Rafi's and decorate it.

Build-A-Card Beginner to Advanced card builders welcome.:)

Cards.co Virtual cards AND flowers.

Adopt an Egg This is cute. Adopt an egg..take care of it and a special surprise will hatch in a few weeks!

Easter Baskets In Cyberspace! Send a virtual Easter basket to your Easter honey.


Well...That's it! I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for stopping by and start sending those greetings!


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