Tranquil Reflections

Sunset And Silence

The end of a day, soon a new will dawn.
But for a moment, this day is but gone.

In the shades of a sunset, a darkness will fall.
Shades of red, yellow and gold, a brillant palette,prelude and silence to the night does call.

Peace And Serenity

Among the palms and the heavens, a steeple does appear.
Offering peace and serenity to all far and near.

The cross at the top holds a truth for mankind.
None are alone, sanctuary is close by and here anytime.

Tranquility And Freedom

The gull he is resting by the tranquil blue sea.
Look at him and remember the Jonathon Livingston in thee.

The dream exists within you and within in me.
As the gull takes flight, we too know what it is like to fly free.

Relax And Renew

A deserted isle awaits your presence.
A haven of solitude,it's soul, it's very essense.

The crystal waters many hues of blue,
are meant to rejuevenate, relax and renew.

May these Tranquil Reflections, fill your spirit and mind with a calmness and peace from your day's daily grind.

© Justinalee

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