Sweet Spring Morn

Out on the horizon dawn is breaking.
A brand new day is in the making.

The dew drops cling to the rose and the vine.
As the sun hits the petals, they glisten and shine.

A fragrant aroma fills the crisp morning air.
'Tis the sweet smell of flowers scattered here and scattered there.

Out in the garden God's creatures are awake.
For each has a job and duty to partake.

The chirp of the cardinal, and that wonderful whippoorwill.
The music of their voices the air it does fill.

A colorful butterfly flies by and by.
Framed by the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

A warm gentle breeze rustles the leaves.
But disturbs not the nest nor the busy little bees.

Yes, yet another new day is born.
Ah, the beauty, the sights and sounds of a sweet spring morn.

© Justinalee

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