Space And Time

It is what many strive to achieve.
A moment so precious you dare not take leave.
Young or old the desire tis still the same.
A moment in space and time where you would like to remain.

Some may search for it night and day.
Others nary give it a second thought as they meander along life's way.
The manner one handles the hand they are dealt,
Has much to do with what is seen and what is felt.

Our time on this earth is short and uncertain.
You never know when you will reach life's final curtain.
Life is full of many ups and many downs.
It is your choice to live it with many smiles or many frowns.

No one said life is always fair.
But, consider this if you dare.
If you know not when the end is near,
Should you not take advantage and hold each day dear.

For me, I choose to see a silver lining in each cloud.
Despite life's adversities and of this I am proud.
My life has taken many twists and turns, to this I can attest.
I could have chosen to remember all the bad.
But, instead remember all the best.

My final thought on Space and Time is simply this.
May we each find that one unique moment of exquisite perfect bliss.


©  Justinalee

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