beach ocean


The Soul.
The very essence of our being.
What is it saying?

So many thoughts, feelings, desires, buried deep within.
Locked away for no one to see, to judge, to understand, sometimes not even ourselves.

There they lie.
Waiting to be unleashed, waiting to be confronted felt and expressed.

To truly live an enriched fullfilled life, look inside each of us our soul, our essence.

Free your mind.

Travel to that place within yourself, where the Solitude is as vast and deep as the ocean(s) and the Silence as wide and desolute as the shore(s).

Listen and learn from the feelings within.

Welcome the knowledge the maker has bestowed upon you.

Awaken and embrace all that is you.

Live life to the fullest, connect with your soul.
Be free to be the very best that is YOU, the very best that is in us ALL.

© Justinalee

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