The Republican National Convention was held this year in the City Of Brotherly Love...Philadelphia, PA.

To coincide with this years convention,Philadelphia 2000,the host committee for the RN created PoliticalFest.

Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from July 26 through August 3 2000,visitors from far and wide were able to experience this "world's fair" of politics.

A history of government and the path to the presidency.

Many many exhibits ranging from campaign memorabilia,flags,documents,china,replicas of the oval office,clothing,presidential libraries to even a section of Air Force One and a presidential limo were on display.

George Washington himself could even be found hanging around the oval office from time to time!

Philadelphia rolled out the red carpet for the RNC 2000.

My hats off to the City of Philadelphia AND the Philadelphia Police Dept.

They did a spectacular job and are truly Philadelphia's finest!

This page is not a means to voice any political views.

I am simply sharing a few of my pics from PoliticalFest and around town, that I thought you might enjoy.

*Click on the thumbnail(s) to see 4x6 of pic.

A Few Night Pics From Around Philly

Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Independence Hall
First Union Center (site of the RNC)
And the Liberty Bell.

*Last picture is of J.Wilson.
Philadelphia Inquirer Photographer.
It is used with his permission.

In case you are wondering...
He is on the job searching!
Searching for that elusive RNC delegate
at Independence Hall!

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