My Eyes

It is said the eyes are the mirror to the soul.
If that be the case, then this you should know.

When I'm happy you'll see, my eyes they will shine.
You'll know you have caught me at a very good time.

If it's anger I'm feeling, a glare you will get.
A look I am sure, you will not soon forget.

If amused I become, a twinkle you'll see.
As I laugh or chuckle with unabashed glee.

When sadness befalls me, it shows in my eyes.
Tho I may try to hide it, it's a poor disguise.

The greatest emotion I can think of by far.
Is when love fills my heart, my eyes shine like a star.

The morale of this poem is very simple and clear.
To look in my eyes is to know me my dear!

© Justinalee

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