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In Memory of our Dear Hasso Bear 1996-2010

The Adventures Of Hasso


A Dog Named Boo!

His name is HassoBear. A proud and handsome Rottie, of this you can be sure.
A beast of 125 or more, who pulls you out the door!

He answers to many different names, Boo being one.
Call him by this or other nics, trust me he will come.

I could go on and on, about his each and every trait.
But in this little saga, just one subject will I relate.

His favorite sport of late, appears to be just this.
Let's leap at Mom, tackle her and make sure we do not miss!

He plays many many games, here is an example.
He was the ball and Mom the pin...Oh lookie, strike one, now Mom is on the operating table!

Mom hopped around on crutches, forever and a day.
That's the last time she'll turn her back, when Hasso wants to play!

The knee is healed and all was well, or so she was led to think.
Then Hasso decided, to leave his toys right near the sink.

Down comes Mom one early morn, to get a little drink.
Eyes half shut, not quite awake, she stumbles to that old sink.

I bet you know what happened next! Come on, take a guess.
She tripped on Hasso's nylabone, now her ankle is a mess!

A shout was heard that early day, it woke Hasso from his sleep.
I will not write those uttered words, instead I'll just type this BLEEP!

The cast is off, the crutches back, and Mom is still in pain!
But, despite the strikes aimed her way, she Loves her HassoBear just the same!

As I write this story, and watch my ankle swell,
I have much time to ponder, think and dwell.

My Orthopedic Doc spends much time putting me together.
He is a real good Doctor, smart and very clever.

I am most thankful to him, and write this for all to witness.
Could it be they have a secret deal, for Hasso to send him business!

© Justinalee

Dedicated to my Orthopedic Surgeon AND HassoBear.

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