Once Upon A Time...

A Fairy Tale for the 21st century

Once upon a time, in a vast and still largely unknown CyberSpace, sat a beautiful "princess" at the keyboad of her PC.

With her Instant messenger turned on and at the ready, she was searching! Searching far and wide for her "prince". Her knight in shining armor.

There she sat, as she has many a night, traveling the highways and biways of the WWW.

Secretly wondering as she always did...Where would her journey take her this evening? Who would she meet? What sites would she see? Was her handsome and mysterious prince waiting and hoping that tonight was the night when his IM would alert him that there was the angel of his dreams?

Yes, she dreamed that one day her prince would come. Yet, this princess of the Net does not sit idle and wait, for she is a seasoned traveler of this Wide World we call the Web.

Her journeys have taken her to lands far and wide.

From the humble beginnings of her homepage in space to the site she bookmarked as "The Last Page On The Internet"!

As always, tonight's journey begins at her home away from home. New pages to add, graphics to do. Hmmm, maybe a new poem or two!

Lost deep in thought when...HARK, her IM it suddenly beeps! Could it be her prince has found her this night?

Quick, hurry, answer, before he leaves!

Alas! It is just her fellow princess from across the pond. They chatter away, as only two girlfriends can do. Each asks the other if their prince has arrived. As always, the answer is no! But, that is OK, there are other notes to compare...Should I use a typing script on this new page? This graphic I'm making does not look quite right! Can you think of a word that rhymes with awesome? Check and see if this page is compatible with your WebTV or just my PC. Did you hear the latest from the single and looking chatroom?

Questions answered and all talked out, they bid each other a (((HUG))) and a hearty goodnight.

The princess returns to the duties at hand. Having found a word that rhymes with awesome, her new page is complete. Off to her mailing list she sends her page.

The princess checks the time on her clock. Tho always off by at least 20 minutes (darn pc), she thinks to herself...Oh my, the time, how it flies!

And so, with a final look at her guestbook and a note to check out that new shopping site she saw on one of those endless rotating banners, she signs off for the night.

As she patiently waits for windows to shut down, she thinks to herself (as only an optimistic princess can do)....Maybe tomorrow my prince will come! If not, no problem! There is always another page to make, site to see and traveling to do out there on the World Wide Web!

The morale of this Fairy Tale is:

  • Enjoy your journey.
  • Get lost in Space.
  • LOL and Learn as you travel the Sites and Sounds of the WWW.
  • Don't forget to sign the guestbook, so they know you were there!
  • Stake out your little corner of the Web.
  • Share your creative talents with your fellow travelers.
  • Make lasting friendships (that only those online could possibly understand).
  • Bid your friends far and wide a (((HUG))) until you meet again.
  • Always remember......Yes, you could meet your handsome "prince" online.
    But, be careful! That long awaited prince may be a frog in prince's clothing!

  • The most important message of all...

    and Have Fun!

That said...Until we meet again...(((HUGS)))

The End!


Update 2008.
Things sure have changed on the WWW since our princess was searching for her prince back in 1998.
I don't know if she is still single or found him on Match.com LOL!
But, it's still a fun read, I think!

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