Each have their own, no two are alike.

Some may never speak to another, the fantasy that invades their thoughts, their dreams, their dark nights.

I shall.

I choose to share, to write of my thoughts, to speak the fantasy of my mind, my dreams.

No detail can I relate, as too personal and private they be.

In these thoughts, these fantasies, you too may share.

May share a longing, a longing to express for so long, the fantasy, in whatever form that takes hold of your heart, your mind, your dreams.

  • Be it the fantasy of a magical land yet to be traveled...That awaits thy step.

  • Maybe a mysterious castle atop a misty and cloud covered mountaintop....That begs to be explored.

  • A golden winged angel, of heavenly beauty known not of this world...Her prophecies yet to be heard.

  • That true and special love, known or unknown...Whose presence invades your dreams.

  • One special song...A melody that brings memories of a moment or lifetime lived.

  • A dark and mysterious stranger, whose purpose and piercing gaze...Is yet to be known, seen, or understood.

  • A breath taking rainbow, Somewhere over, could there be that pot of gold....Maybe your hearts desire, is waiting on the other side.

Note tho....The possibilities are endless, limited only by your own imagination, desires and dreams.

All one needs to do, is close their eyes, open thy mind and let the thoughts take hold.

For anasy, sweet anasy...Fills my mind and electrifies my dreams.


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